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A little about us...

None of us are perfect.  We need Jesus and each other to help us navigate our lives. Here's what to expect when you visit:


Nice People.

We care for each other, we spend time together, and we pray for each other.  We're not just people who go to church together...we're family.


A Casual Atmosphere.

We care about you...not what you're wearing...and not what kind of car you drive.  Come as you are and you'll find a family who accepts you as you are.


Followers of Christ.

We don't follow a long list of rules...we follow Christ.  We try to become more like Him every day.


Practical Teaching.

Our teaching is intended to connect the words of the bible to everyday life.

Authentic Worship.

We worship Jesus.  We worship to express how we feel about Jesus and what He's done in our lives.







3475 Miami, Melbourne, Florida 32904


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